Straight from the Source

Cincinati Leather is my most favorite local brand.  Their design & quality is super!  I have some Cincinati Leather’s bags which I proudly carried to the fashion events.

Fashionista Thuan Nguyen

Keep making what you are making- I love your items and am the proud owner of one of your bags and business card holders.

Ineke Hodder (an Expat in Vietnam)

I just received my black leather sandals from Ne-Yuh.  They’re amazing!

Huong Lan Nguyen (Vietnam)

We are so much happy about the leather aprons for Barista & specialty coffee gift boxes for our business partners which Gallery de Neyuh designed & crafted for us.  Their service is amazing!

Mai Hac, Managing Director of Last Minute Specialty Coffee

Ne-Yuh’s homewear stuffs are truly unique combining between woven rattan baskets with leather details crafted at a master craftsmanship

Haf Saba (UK)

I stumbled upon Huyen’s store while walking in the city, and was immediately drawn into the quality, the craftmanship of her products. I can totally see her devotion, passion and the love she has for leather goods, and her products really exemplify those characters. I now own a big travel duffle bag, a belt, and some small leather goods, and I have to say, you won’t regret, period!

Bryan (Taiwanese)